Following recent announcements from a number of our funder partners and conversations with several others, until further notice we are implementing the following changes to our payouts process.

This will take effect immediately.

1. We will only release the funds for a payout when the delivery of the vehicle has been confirmed by the customer.
Our ‘payout confirmations’ will now include a note to confirm that the deal is now live, and that the funds will be released on the customer’s confirmation that they have received the vehicle. We will contact the customer direct to get confirmation of this. The customer can also call us to confirm on the number provided. As soon as we receive this confirmation, we will release the funds.

ALTERNATIVELY, the dealer can provide a photograph of the customer receiving their vehicle (collection or delivery). This must show the customer and the registration number clearly.

Please email photos to Once we have confirmed a true likeness and correct vehicle, the funds will be released.

2. We require a clear HPI/Proof of Settlement of any outstanding Finance Agreement on the vehicle we are funding before we are able to pay out the new deal.
The only exception to this is if the vehicle is on a Unit Stocking facility, when we will be asking for signed confirmation that the vehicle will be removed within 7 days.

Thank you for your understanding in these unprecedented times.